Great videos start with great thinking

Videos are a great way to connect, communicate and engage with an audience. They can help tell your organization’s story in a concise, effective way. If you’re tackling a video project — whether live-action or animated — keep the following in mind for the best results:

  • Be evocative. Video is a medium of impressions. To make a real emotional connection with your audience — something they’ll remember long after they’re done watching — focus on telling a story rather than just reciting facts.
  • Have a big idea. The most memorable videos have a clear, strong concept: a central image or idea that carries through the entire piece.
  • Think holistically. It’s called video for a reason — from the Latin word meaning “to see”. To truly captivate viewers, a video should be visually driven, supported by tight, compelling narration and audio.
  • Be selective. The best videos are quick and to the point. They get in, give viewers a few pieces of information (typically three to five main ideas, depending on length), then get out.
  • Know your budget. The overall look and feel — stock footage vs. freshly shot, simple graphics vs. full- out animation — is determined largely by how much you can spend. The best concept, if it can’t be executed, isn’t really the best concept. That said, some very creative concepts can be executed within limited budgets.
  • Be accessible. If you need a bilingual version of your video, remember that French takes longer to read and narrate than English. Again, sticking to just a few main ideas will ensure you can say everything in the time you’ve got, no matter the language.

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