Impact and Logic

Impact and logic

Andrew: There’s a relationship between the impact of writing and the logic that underlies it.

Dale: Logic provides a supporting structure that allows people to follow and respond to the words. It requires planning before diving in, mapping out the messaging. That may not sound spontaneous or artistic, but it is a highly creative process. It’s in the application of style — on top of great logic — where we truly become writers.

Steve: But what exactly goes into that application of style?

Andrew: That part is hard to describe. What I do know is that if the copy isn’t carrying me forward as the writer, it won’t carry the reader forward either. You definitely feel impact building as you work.

Dale: It’s about experimentation. Exploring word choice, syntax, rhythm and verb tense. What my daughter would call using your ‘mad skills’.

Andrew: And that’s where you draw on experience and practice: the fundamentals of grammar we internalize as kids, past projects, best practices, the storytelling instinct — all of that combined.

Dale: It’s like building a house. You need the framework that holds it all together, but it’s the décor that really impresses people — and everybody has their own style.

Steve: So which one best describes us — the architect or the interior designer?

Dale: Honestly, we need to be both. It’s the total fusion of logic and creativity that makes for beautiful communications.