Canadian Blood Services - Web
  • Client: Canadian Blood Services
  • Type: Web
  • Services: Websites, blogs and social media


In 2014, Canadian Blood Services undertook an end-to-end overhaul of its website, streamlining the navigation, refreshing the look and feel, and rewriting all content to more accurately reflect its caring, responsible, consumer-friendly brand. Ascribe was contracted to polish and rewrite all core pages of the site based on Canadian Blood Services experts’ content selections: nine packages of material delivered in tightly managed phases, averaging 5,000 words each. In each case, we reworked the copy to be direct, active, friendly and engaging — encouraging Canadians to donate whole blood and other blood products — while being clear and factual about Canadian Blood Services’ policies and the science behind Canada’s blood donation system.

“It was a massive task, overhauling the entire Canadian Blood Services website to reflect our brand, update our messaging and better reach our target audiences. Ascribe understands good process: they immediately grasped our plan for the project and executed without a bump — on time, and capturing exactly the voice we were after with our text. Their entire team was highly professional and engaged in our content. They were a pleasure to work with.”

Jodi Benenati
, Manager, Digital Communications, Canadian Blood Services