RCM Inside minting Consulting
  • Client: Royal Canadian Mint
  • Type: Consulting
  • Services: Articles and case studies | copyediting and proofreading | marketing campaigns and collateral | meeting facilitation


Late in the summer of 2013, the Royal Canadian Mint brought Ascribe in as part of the creative team to develop a digital magazine targeted at international customers, prospects and other mints. Working closely with the client, we helped define a story template, editorial roadmap and a lean content-gathering process that could be repeated from issue to issue. Subsequently, Ascribe facilitated the planning session of the Mint’s executive editorial board and handled all writing and editing over the course of the publication’s 18-month run, interviewing minting experts in Canada and at other institutions around the world. Testament to the value of the content, Inside Minting stories were republished in top currency periodicals.

In addition to editorial writing, Ascribe has also supported the Royal Canadian Mint with:

  • Annual report writing
  • Advertising copywriting
  • Editing and proofreading