SDTC Articles
  • Client: Sustainable Development Technology Canada
  • Type: Article
  • Services: Annual reports | articles and case studies | speechwriting and presentations | websites, blogs and social media


Dedicated to funding clean technology innovation and pre-commercialization, Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) is a longtime client of Ascribe. Our writing team has prepared a number of op-eds for SDTC over the years, drawing attention to the economic opportunity clean technology represents for Canada — and rallying industry and government to ensure the conditions are right for that opportunity to be seized. These articles have appeared in national Canadian dailies as well as Parliament’s The Hill Times, and have included joint op-eds co-attributed to SDTC and executives from funded companies and partner organizations such as Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters. We have also written a series of case studies on some of SDTC’s top projects — profiling their achievements to date and clarifying for a broad audience their potential for the future.

In 2013, we diversified our editorial writing for SDTC by taking on a series of blog entries supporting a cleantech exhibit co-hosted by SDTC and the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology. For that assignment, we devised a flexible blog template and interviewed the heads of SDTC-funded companies to find out what makes their innovations ‘cool’. The blogs are written in an accessible style for readers of all ages, including students. The series continued into 2014.

In addition to case studies and articles, Ascribe has also supported SDTC with the writing and editing of annual reports, event reports and speeches.

“One of the things I love about working with the Ascribe team is that they’re proactive. When I’m juggling multiple priorities they help me keep moving forward on all fronts. They don’t just support in terms of content development — they support me in executing my plans as a Communications Manager. That’s priceless."

Kelly Crowe
, Manager, Communications, Sustainable Development Technology Canada