Stick to the script

It’s a common challenge for organizations of all sizes: getting people talking the same talk, delivering key messages consistently. Branding takes care of some of this, though usually at a high level. But the branding process is often a time-consuming exercise — and meanwhile there’s still business to get done.

That’s where a focused, practical messaging script can be a huge benefit.

Messaging scripts give readymade language and consistent direction for communicating what an organization does and how it stands out from competitors. Usually these scripts include mission and vision statements, a value proposition, key messages, differentiators and even sometimes notes on corporate voice (“how we talk”).

Say your company makes whiteboard markers: a script can give your marketers and salespeople messages to use in promotional emails, PowerPoints, etc., about why your markers are exceptional. And it can provide sets of messages for different audiences or customer segments — e.g., teachers (fun scents!) or executives (last longer!).

Unlike full-on branding, a messaging script can usually be developed through a single facilitated discussion with strategic leaders and key stakeholders. It’s a lean exercise that delivers a tool with broad application.

If your organization could benefit from a go-to messaging script but you’re unsure where to start, contact us.