Aerospace Industries Association of Canada

Canada’s world-leading aerospace companies compete fiercely in the multi-billion-dollar global innovation market, and the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) is the national voice of the industry. Its mission is to ensure the crucial economic and social value of aerospace is top of mind as governments shape policy to meet Canada’s needs — a complex and urgent task that demands clear, high-impact communications.

Aerospace Industries Association of Canada

What we’ve delivered

  • Editorial advice and storytelling direction
  • Cross-country event coverage to support the Vision 2025 roundtable initiative
  • Writing and editing of a high-profile, benchmark industry vision document
  • Writing and editing of a pre-budget letter to government

Topics we’ve covered

  • Aerospace regulation and certification
  • Canada’s role in space exploration
  • Carbon-neutral aerospace solutions
  • New aerospace technologies
  • Next-generation talent development
  • Scaling up Canada’s aerospace companies

Client since 2018

How we brought clarity

In 2018, with the global industry evolving and new opportunities emerging, AIAC knew they needed a compelling, industry-led vision that government could get behind. The Association appointed The Honourable Jean Charest, former Premier of Quebec and former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, to chair a series of cross-country roundtables, recruiting Ascribe to report on those sessions and shape the findings into a clear, actionable vision. Working to tight deadlines and uncompromising standards, we helped AIAC produce a high-impact Vision 2025 document that was well received on Parliament Hill and by the aerospace community.

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