Business Development Bank of Canada

The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) has supported Canadian entrepreneurs for more than 75 years, offering financing and advisory services and also sharing their knowledge and best practices on running a business. In today’s fast-changing and complex economy, that demands a steady stream of practical, credible content on market expansion, sales, finance, human resources, mental health and more. Maintaining that output and delivering content that’s important to entrepreneurs requires editorial support that’s agile, process-driven and journalistic.

Business Development Bank of Canada

What we deliver

  • Editorial planning and advice
  • Journalistic, market-aware articles on starting, running, growing and selling a business
  • Strategic content interviews with executives and subject-matter experts
  • Small Business Week presentations and speeches
  • Reports on gender diversity in business, digital transformation and more

Topics we’ve covered

  • Acquisitions
  • Business taxes
  • Business transitions
  • Exporting
  • Financial terms and concepts
  • Managing remote workers
  • Mental health in the workplace
  • Sales and marketing tips

Client since 2016

How we brought clarity

In spring 2020, BDC called on Ascribe to write multiple series of articles on high-priority topics for entrepreneurs: COVID-19, mental health and managing remote teams. We interviewed BDC personnel and external subject-matter experts across the country to gather perspective and practical insights business owners could put to immediate use. Our research helped find and refine each story, which we wrote up in a brisk, accessible journalistic style, handling all required sign-offs seamlessly and meeting BDC’s urgent timelines to support Canadian business owners.

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