Canadian Medical Association

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is the national association for Canada’s physicians. Communicating clearly is critical for this organization, which aims to unite and inspire physicians on health issues and causes that matter — and engage in dialogue and advocacy for the benefit of medical professionals and patients alike. For the CMA, focused, well-defined messaging is one of the keys to changing the culture of medicine.

Canadian Medical Association

What we’ve delivered

  • Brand messaging and value propositions
  • Content strategy and editorial planning
  • Interviews with executives and subject-matter experts
  • Journalistic, market-aware web content and op-ed articles
  • End-to-end revamp of the organization’s website
  • Copyediting of Physician Wellness Hub content

Topics we’ve covered

  • Advocacy
  • Cannabis
  • Chronic disease
  • Medicine and technology
  • Opioids
  • Pharmacare
  • Physician mental health and wellness
  • Seniors care
  • Social determinants of health

Client since 2018

How we brought clarity

In 2018, the CMA embarked on an ambitious web refresh to communicate more effectively with members. Based on interviews with key CMA personnel, we helped clarify the organization’s evolving value proposition and articulated distinct key messages and differentiators for their main audiences — all in line with the CMA’s updated corporate voice. That messaging served as the foundation to generate new or updated content for more than 70 highly engaging, information-rich web pages according to the CMA’s specified templates and wireframes. With so many moving parts, a careful content-creation process and diligent project management were key to keeping everything on track and delivered on time.

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