Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) is Canada’s federal government department dedicated to improving investment conditions across the country, driving innovation, growing global trade and fostering a competitive marketplace. In 2017, ISED formed six Economic Strategy Tables to strengthen high-potential sectors of the economy — an ambitious undertaking that needed fast, clear communication to industry players and the public.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

What we’ve delivered

  • Editorial guidance and advice
  • Creative concept development and storytelling approaches
  • Parallel development of multiple interim summary reports
  • Parallel writing and editing of multiple final reports

Topics we’ve covered

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Agri-food
  • Clean technology
  • Digital industries
  • Health and bio-sciences
  • Resources of the future

How we brought clarity

As the Economic Strategy Table initiative reached its first milestones, Ascribe was brought in to define key messages, develop a common template and write the content for six interim reports ahead of Budget 2018. The content was complex, involving a combination of industry context, technology, human resources, and trade and economic policy. We were subsequently engaged to produce an overall summary of recommendations and the full reports from each Table — with a hard deadline that required diligent project management to meet.

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