Mental Health Commission of Canada

Working with partners and stakeholders across the country, the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) develops programs and tools for mental health and wellness. The Commission’s communications need to be timely, accurate and evidence-based — and also respectful, inclusive and accessible to a broad and diverse audience. That calls for skilled content development support and good process to fulfill an ambitious slate of projects.

Mental Health Commission of Canada

What we deliver

  • Editorial guidance and advice
  • Creative concept development and storytelling approaches
  • Strategic content interviews and facilitated discussions
  • Event/meeting coverage and reports on a range of topics: e-mental health, young adults, cannabis, recovery and more
  • Best-practice toolkits, knowledge-sharing guides and more

Topics we’ve covered

  • Access to psychotherapies
  • e-mental health
  • Mental health and cannabis
  • Policing and mental health
  • Post-secondary student mental health
  • Recovery principles
  • Stigma
  • Psychological health and safety
  • Youth and emerging adult mental health

Client since 2012

How we brought clarity

In 2017, Ascribe designed and led a process to help the Commission inform Canadians about e-mental health technologies and how to choose them. We worked closely with MHCC’s committee of external advisors to clarify key messages and define an approach and format, then collaborated with a design partner to produce a colourful, consumer-friendly downloadable resource. The success of that project led to others: a workplace mental health and safety toolkit for healthcare organizations based on the experiences of four health organizations across the country, and a toolkit to help institutions start adopting Canada’s new standard for post-secondary mental health and wellbeing.

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