Nokia is a global technology company with the goal of connecting the world. They create content to demonstrate thought leadership, shape industry attitudes, and promote their products and solutions. With complex stories to tell and a worldwide marketing organization under pressure to get messaging out ahead of the competition, Nokia has a constant need for clear, high-impact marketing material.


What we’ve delivered

  • Content strategy and editorial planning
  • Conception and execution of multi-part campaigns
  • Interviews with executives and subject-matter experts
  • Journalistic, market-aware blogs, articles, web content, white papers, brochures, case studies, use cases, e-books, infographics

Topics we’ve covered

  • 5G and private wireless networks
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cloud networking
  • Connectivity for healthcare, transportation, mining, manufacturing and other industries
  • Optical routing
  • Smart cities

Client since 2016

How we brought clarity

Our team helped Nokia invent storytelling approaches for the company’s Operations in 5G campaigns, creating content plans across four core themes and proposing content assets best suited to the target audiences at each stage of the buyer’s journey. We interviewed a full team of Nokia subject-matter experts, isolating compelling story angles and supporting detail of value to the target audiences, then wrote a full suite of content: blogs, e-books, infographics, web landing pages, case studies, brochures and direct emails.

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