Standards Council of Canada

The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) promotes standardization as a tool to meet the country’s economic, social and environmental needs. Their work touches virtually every facet of Canadian life from construction and transportation to data and cybersecurity. The organization is also a prominent advocate for Canada’s interests internationally. With a broad scope, specialized functions and a unique ecosystem, SCC’s ongoing challenge is to communicate the importance and impact of their work in ways all stakeholders — including the average Canadian — can understand and appreciate.

Standards Council of Canada

What we deliver

  • Editorial guidance and advice
  • Creative concept development and storytelling approaches
  • Strategic content interviews and facilitated discussions
  • Annual report writing
  • Corporate plan writing
  • Internal corporate storytelling support

Topics we’ve covered

  • COVID-19 and PPE
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data governance
  • Domestic and international trade
  • Gender equity
  • Infrastructure and climate change
  • Transit innovation

Client since 2019

How we brought clarity

SCC’s leadership was looking for a way to promote internal collaboration and show how every team in the organization contributes to Canadian health, safety and economic prosperity. Ascribe worked with them to develop a set of “corporate collaboration stories” and branch profiles featuring concrete examples of SCC successes. We started by facilitating a virtual roundtable with SCC executives to gather material and perspective, then wrote them up in a clearly structured format and active style to highlight how SCC’s internal collaboration has a real impact on Canadian life and business.

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