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Annual reports

Tell the story of your year — with impact.

An annual report is more than just a checkbox on your yearly to-do list: it’s a chance to call attention to your organization’s biggest accomplishments, inspire confidence in stakeholders and reinforce your long-term vision. But writing an annual report is complex and time consuming. It requires input from across your senior leadership team, strong messaging and a compelling theme to tie it all together.
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Why partner with Ascribe for annual report writing

Leave it to Ascribe to tell the story of your year —and guide the process from start to finish. Our team has written and edited hundreds of annual reports, sustainability reports, corporate social responsibility reports, corporate plans and similar strategic documents for public and private sector clients.

Strategic concept development

Elevate your annual report with a creative the me that captures your year and aligns with your organization’s strategic objectives.

Compelling storytelling

Engage your stakeholders with our journalistic approach, knowledge of best practices and extensive annual report writing experience.

Strong messaging

Ensure the messaging in your report is clear and consistent and reflects your organization’s voice and values.

Efficient project management

Our dedicated project management and production team plans and tracks the development of your annual report, ensuring all milestones and deadlines are met.

Sharp interviewing

We conduct facilitated sessions and individual interviews with senior leadership to gather perspective, learn more about your activities, and identify messages and themes.

End-to-end support

As well as writing the annual report, we canpartner with a design agency to take you through to layout, then proofread toensure an error-free final product.

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Annual reports

National Research Council 2019–2020 annual report

When COVID-19 forced on-the-fly adjustments to the in-progress annual report of the National Research Council (NRC), the Ascribe team pivoted quickly

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