Algonquin College

Algonquin College is a top Ontario college and one of just 13 polytechnic post-secondary institutions in Canada. They work tirelessly ensure their programs, technologies and ways of working meet the needs of learners from across the province and around the world — and allow them to contribute to the prosperity and social fabric of Eastern Ontario. In a fast-changing sector with numerous stakeholders, the College has a continuous need for clear, inspiring internal and external communications.

Algonquin College

What we’ve delivered

  • Editorial planning and advice
  • Facilitated executive sessions and strategic content interviews
  • Event and meeting capture for multi-stage strategy development initiatives
  • Creative/structural approaches and on-brand content for strategic documents and annual reports
  • Award submissions for staff and alumni
  • President’s speeches
  • Commencement ceremony remarks and supporting materials

Topics we’ve covered

  • Academic excellence
  • Corporate training
  • Digital strategy
  • International strategy
  • IT modernization
  • Lean methodology
  • Learner-driven approaches
  • Post-secondary funding
  • Public–private partnership

Client since 2007

How we brought clarity

To meet its goal of delivering a personalized post-secondary experience, Algonquin College started developing a new College-wide “learner-driven plan” in 2019. Having supported several similar projects for the College, Ascribe was called in to attend a series of internal consultations, capture the takeaways from each meeting, and shape them into a concise, practical strategic document to guide the College forward. Working with College representatives and an external consultant, we helped shape the approach to the new learner-driven plan, ensured its alignment with the College’s overarching strategic plan, and managed the content development process from start to finish over a five-month span.

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