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BioTalent Canada labour market intelligence reports

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With the goal of creating its most comprehensive set of labour market intelligence (LMI) reports ever, BioTalent Canada turned to Ascribe to help translate massive amounts of data about the bio-economy workforce into an easily digestible and compelling story that would resonate with organizations across the country.

How Ascribe helped

The bio-economy is a seedbed of innovation for sectors from agriculture and energy to health and manufacturing. BioTalent Canada is the country’s go-to source of information about the bio-economy workforce, with one of its flagship products being a set of LMI studies taking the pulse of bio-economy HR issues and needs. In 2021, it wanted to publish its most comprehensive LMI study ever, with econometric outlooks, expanded data sets and, for the first time, labour supply projections. Working closely with our long-time design agency partner, Accurate Creative, we helped plan out and deliver — in rapid time — a series of high-impact reports with clear takeaways of the latest LMI findings.

Ascribe defined a content hierarchy for the suite of 10 reports, starting with a 60-page national overview before drilling down into separate reports looking at bio-economy labour supply and demand as well as regional and metro-area trends across the country. Our writers then adapted the foundational research prepared by BioTalent Canada’s experts into easily scannable narratives, augmenting the data with infographics as well as first-person stories of bio-economy employers across the country that detail their HR challenges and how they’re tackling them. Accurate developed a consistent look and feel for the full set of products, working with the chosen thematic title of 'Close-up on the Bio-economy'.

Demanding strategic storytelling, clear information design and precision in handling often complex source data, the project concluded with the publication of all 10 reports before the end of 2021, putting the best picture yet of the bio-economy labour market into the hands of companies and policymakers across Canada. The final reports were well received internally by the BioTalent Canada team and externally by stakeholders in the bio-economy, with the statistics being widely used in presentations by organizations throughout the industry. They also led to successful media engagements and speaking requests.

Deliverable: Labour market intelligence (LMI) reports

Our process:

  • Creative concept development and storytelling approaches
  • Detailed content outlines and structural frameworks
  • Content-gathering interviews with bio-economy employers
  • Writing, editing and revisions of reports, standalone infographics and alt text
  • Management of case study consent forms
  • Coordination with design partner

“The LMI messaging is weaved through everything we do, constantly being cited in our other products and services. There was a lot of information that needed to be deciphered and told in a compelling manner. Ascribe was able to pick apart the numbers and craft meaningful stories with them.”

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