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Boldyn Networks website

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Bringing together six companies under a unified brand identity, Boldyn Networks needed a website that reflected its position as one of the world’s largest network infrastructure providers — and differentiated itself from its legacy business. It called on the Ascribe team to craft the content for dozens of pages capturing its new bold and dynamic tone of voice.

How Ascribe helped

Following years of acquisitions, the BAI Communications Group comprised six companies around the world, providing buildings and municipalities with best-in-class shared network infrastructure. But each had their own brand and customers didn’t always understand the relationships between the companies. To reflect the combined strength of its companies in a simpler and more meaningful way, in 2023, BAI split off its operations in the northern hemisphere as a new entity, Boldyn Networks — and Ascribe was asked to write the copy for its website.

Jointly developed with our web partner Craft&Crew, we provided input on the site architecture and wireframe design, and also conducted search engine optimization (SEO) research to determine the best keywords to use throughout our writing. We then conducted nearly 20 interviews with subject-matter experts within Boldyn Networks, getting input on the most important messages to communicate about their solutions and key audiences, and how to effectively update and align/consolidate any existing content that would be carried over from the websites of the six previous BAI companies. 

Although we had written for BAI, Boldyn Networks required a different tone of voice: more punchy and delivered with pace and personality, matching the “dynamically bold” spirit of its new brand and visual identity. Our team worked diligently to ensure this tone was used on all 28 pages we produced. So there were no surprises, our process included a “tone sample” of just a few pages at first to make sure the client was comfortable with our application of the new tone (and also how we communicated highly technical content within copy-light wireframes) before proceeding with the rest.

The Boldyn Networks website launched in summer 2023 and the reception was very positive. Compared to the BAI site, web traffic increased by 10% over the previous year and organic search traffic was up 20%. At the official launch event for the new brand, excitement was high — with some remarking how it was unlike anything they had seen in the telecommunications space.


Deliverable: Website

Our process:

  • SEO keyword research
  • Content-gathering interviews with subject-matter experts
  • Writing, editing and revisions
  • Coordination with web partner on site architecture and wireframe development

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