Nokia’s goal is to connect the world — and to shape industry attitudes on emerging topics like 5G with clear, high-impact marketing communications. Ascribe helped the telecoms giant plan and launch a campaign featuring dozens of deliverables to educate network service providers about the impact 5G will have on their operations.

How Ascribe helped

Nokia is a global telecommunications company that sells fixed and mobile networking equipment and solutions to communications service providers (CSPs), large enterprises and governments. In 2020, it mounted a campaign to help CSPs understand how their internal operations needed to evolve to deliver 5G services. The challenge would be to communicate complex and novel concepts in clear, compelling ways — and to set Nokia apart as a thought leader in this space.

Ascribe helped by defining storytelling/thematic approaches for the campaign, centred around four key themes most relevant to CSPs: agility, cost, quality and trust. That step also included a detailed content plan, mapping out the development of multiple assets under those four themes. Next, we interviewed Nokia experts around the world to isolate compelling story angles and key details, then wrote the full suite of content: landing pages, blogs, e-books, infographics, use cases, Q&A-style factsheets and direct emails for all four themes. We also produced an overarching campaign landing page, e-book and web banners — for more than 30 deliverables in total.

Later that year, we expanded the campaign into the “selection” phase of the customer journey, writing brochures, case studies and promotional emails to spotlight nearly a dozen Nokia solutions CSPs could use to deliver across the four themes.

To meet Nokia’s ambitious timelines, we established a phased schedule and engaged our entire writing team to advance all four themes in a concerted way. Each theme began with a piece of “anchor” content that became the basis for the other derivatives, providing a solid foundation for quick work. Because each theme was assigned to different Nokia experts, we had to bring editorial diligence to ensure the campaign overall was coherent, with well aligned messaging, voice and style. Good process and production management allowed us to meet all milestones successfully and support the client from start to finish.


Deliverable: Marketing campaign

Our process:

  • Facilitated session with Nokia 5G team leaders
  • Campaign theme/concept development
  • Content/editorial planning
  • Content-gathering interviews with subject-matter experts
  • Structural approaches and content outlines for individual deliverables
  • Writing, editing and revisions

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