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Presentations and speeches

Inspire and persuade with an expertly crafted presentation or speech.

Speeches and presentations are timeless, proven approaches to winning others over to your way of thinking. But to ensure your key messages are well received, your presentation or speech must make your case clearly, flow seamlessly from one point to the next and respect the audience’s time.
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Why partner with Ascribe for presentation and speech writing

Make a great impression with a presentation or speech developed by our team of professional writers. We’ll work your key messages into a focused, persuasive and engaging slide deck or speech to support your next sales presentation, public address, training session or other occasion.

Personalized speechwriting

Get a speech that’s easier to deliver because it captures your unique voice, based on previous speeches and other source material.

Audience-friendly presentations

Keep your audience engaged with a presentation that’s scannable and light on copy, with speaking notes elaborating on the slide content.

Persuasive content

Make your case persuasively with clear and easy-to-grasp messaging, backed by solid logic and structure and compelling data points.

Effective storytelling

Treating a presentation or speech like telling a story makes it more memorable. Our team can help you find the story and tell it effectively.

Advanced planning

Our process starts with an outline: a blueprint for your slide deck or speech so you can weigh in at the earliest stage for faster turnarounds.

Design support

We can write directly into your PowerPoint template or work with your team (or one of our design agency partners) to define how graphic elements will be treated.

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Presentations and speeches

Ontario Trillium Foundation presentations

Through its grants, the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) is making the province a healthier, more vibrant place to live. To ensure non-profits and grassroots organizations better understand the funding programs that are available to them, OTF asked the Ascribe team to refresh its PowerPoint presentations to be more engaging and easy to read.

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