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Video scripts

Tell your story with an expertly crafted video.

When you want to capture attention and convey a message quickly and succinctly, it’s hard to beat the appeal of a video. But it has to be more than just video for video’s sake. No matter how great your video looks, if the concept doesn’t make sense for your context and the script doesn’t really say anything, you won’t get your message across.
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Why partner with Ascribe for video scriptwriting

We can come up with an original concept that will make your video stand out and deliver a concise script that ensures your message comes through loud and clear. If you need video production, we can work with our sister company, Simple Story, to deliver a polished, professional video that’s ready to be shared on all your channels.

Clear messaging

Our easy-to-follow scripts use natural language that make the reading and recording process simple.

Audience engagement

Draw your audience in with a compelling story that gets your message across faster and more effectively than text alone.

Cross-channel versatility

Get more from a single video by using clips in social media posts or creating eye-catching static images from video stills.

Original concepts

We start by meeting with you to understand your goals, then develop multiple brand-appropriate concept options for you to choose from.

Full story flow

Our scripts include voiceover as well as on-screen text and descriptions of visuals, so you get a better sense of how the video will flow.

End-to-end production

Once the script is written, our sister company, Simple Story, can take care of everything from concept to post-production.

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Video scripts

UNHCR cash-based interventions video script

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) helps and protects the rights of refugees across the globe. That includes in Yemen, where a long-running civil war has made millions of people refugees in their own country. Ascribe was called on to draft the script for a video that would support UNHCR’s important work.

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