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Marketing campaigns and collateral

Fuel your next campaign with strategic, on-target content.

A successful marketing campaign demands well-crafted messaging, proficiency in multiple content forms, and strong writing that grabs attention and resonates with your audience. And all that content needs to be ready to go in time for any publishing dates, ad placements, events and other deadlines.
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Why partner with Ascribe for marketing campaigns and collateral

Wherever your campaign needs support, whatever kind of written collateral it needs, leave it to our team. We can develop everything from emails and blogs to e-books and white papers for a pre-defined campaign, or support from the earliest stages in setting the overall strategy and editorial calendar. All the while, attentive project management helps you keep momentum and hit every milestone.

Targeted content

Whether it’s to sell a product, raise awareness or inspire action, campaigns get your message in front of the right audience.

Strategic writing

Get written collateral that serves your campaign goals, informed by our team’s marketing expertise and strategic thinking.

Wider reach

By spreading your message through multiple content types, your campaign can better reach people across the buyer’s journey.

End-to-end support

We can help define the campaign theme, key messages and content plan and then deliver the written collateral, or draft content based on a pre-defined campaign.

Versatile capabilities

We produce the full range of marcom content: blogs, articles, web copy, emails, social media posts, presentations, white papers, video scripts and more.

Expert project management

You can count on our responsive project management team to keep track of your campaign’s parts and pieces, manage dependencies and work within your timelines.

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Marketing campaigns

Nokia Operations in 5G campaign

Nokia’s goal is to connect the world — and to shape industry attitudes on emerging topics like 5G with clear, high-impact marketing communications. Ascribe helped the telecoms giant plan and launch a campaign featuring dozens of deliverables to educate network service providers about the impact 5G will have on their operations.

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