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Become a thought leader with a high-impact white paper.

A white paper is a great way to showcase your organization’s thought leadership while strengthening relationships with your customers and prospects. But translating knowledge into an effective white paper is a lot of work. It requires thoughtful information design, a careful balance between technical accuracy and readability, and clear messaging that keeps the focus on your ideas rather than directly promoting a product or service.
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Why partner with Ascribe for white paper writing

Bring your knowledge and leave the white paper writing to us. Through focused interviews with your subject-matter experts, we can develop a rigorous and engaging white paper that will promote your organization as a trusted source of fresh, strategically significant insights.

Thought leadership

Show customers and prospects that your business is a valuable source of unique insight that supports their strategic decision making.

Effective lead generation

Learn more about your audience by making your paper a gated asset that readers can access in exchange for information about themselves.

Adaptable content

White papers often inspire “spin-off” collateral such as blogs, repackaging its content in support of larger marketing campaigns.

Sharp interviewing

Interviewing is at the heart of our content-gathering process. We’ll work with your subject-matter experts to get the details we need to write a winning white paper.

Advanced planning

Before writing, we share an outline of the paper’s content and story flow, providing a clear picture of our plan for early alignment with internal stakeholders.

Experienced team

Our team has covered a wide range of topics across many different sectors, from telecommunications to IT security to healthcare. No subject is too technical or niche.

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White papers

Nokia telecom SaaS white paper

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) model is poised to change the way telcos manage and operate their networks — but only if they can overcome their fears about security when using the public cloud. To address those concerns, Nokia engaged Ascribe to develop a white paper making the case for telecom SaaS.

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