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In a collaborative business like marketing communications, everything’s a conversation. There’s a value that comes from being open to exchange — within our own team and with our clients and partners. It’s a rich, dynamic process that makes for superior results.

The Marketer’s Toolkit: E-book on e-books

Marketers have more tools, channels and materials for telling their strategic stories than ever before. So what role can e-books play in your content universe — and how can they help you achieve your B2B marcom goals?

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The Marketer’s Toolkit: Presentation on presentations

More than 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created every day. The best ones tell a story — they’re clear, engaging and memorable. But what does that actually look like in terms of a presentation’s content and structure?

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The web, mobility and the multi-screen phenomenon have changed how people consume information — and organizations are pressured to tell their stories in new and diverse ways. This newsletter looks at what these developments mean for our clients as well as emerging trends in marketing communications across all media.

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What makes stories so powerful?

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Today we’re surrounded by stories. We share them with colleagues, watch them in movies, read them online. Leaders tell stories to inspire their teams. Comedians tell stories to make people laugh. Parents tell stories so their kids will please finally go to sleep.

So what makes stories so powerful?

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